Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tough times for local PR profession

Yesterday, walkin' with my sidekick The Jokir, we snapped a photo at the traffic island at Mill and Illinois ('Millinois', as I call it). For fun, I stood there as if I was holding a sign, and when I got home, I photoshopped a sign and words. Then posted it with this caption:

Carbondale man appears to be holding ”photoshopped“ sign on traffic island, seeking PR work for food.

”Dinner for two-four, depending of the menu,“ says Doug Barker, self-described ”media maven, "If it's 4 star restaurant, dinner for 3 or 4."

Other forms of payment acceptable to Much More Media PR firm include Saluki basketball tickets, and garden mulch.

I'm thinking of setting up a lemonade or cocoa stand at this location, since business has tailed off so much at The Hound. The two girls in the background might be interested in working it.

Meanwhile, I've been posting more pix to Bytelife ... so many that I'm thinking of changing the name from Carbondale Bytelife to Carbongaze Davette.