Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 'to do' list, so far

A few months have passed since I posted here, Bloggee, so here's the latest:

#1- Karmadale After Blog is still a work-in-progress; the chore of sorting thru thousands of photos to find a hundred or so to included in the digital copy of the blook.

#2- I've been working on Forever Jung, a book of selected essays by late local naturalist Jim Jung to be published this year, on March 15, printed @ Lulu.com

#3- This month, I will debut as "world's oldest white rapper" or "whitest old rapper" (take your pick) at the Spotlight Grill , mostly likely the day after MLK Day, on open mic night. ... doing excerpts from The Marliad, and some fresher raps about current events.

#4- My video doc "The Angina Monologue" is still in prog. Parts 1 & 2 are up on YouTube. Additional scenes have been shot -- and will be incorporated w/1 & 2, along with some still to be shot interviews w/ local medical professionals.

Enough to keep me busy for a few more weeks.