Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's good to see Peter the Great's blog going strong again, and the new Bytelife is getting interesting, with recent contributions from Bob, Jim, Scott, and Tom. . . . and perceptive and articulate comments.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Barack of Ages

Abraham ObamaWhen Barack Obama was in Carbondale campaigning for the Democratic nomination for Senator, I snapped this photo -- without the stove-pipe hat -- as he stood out among a bright and talented group of candidates.

Obama is a man of many hats, including podcasting, but he'll be symbolically sporting the Lincoln look on Feb. 10, when he announces his run for his party's nomination to run for the office of President of the United States in the same State Capitol building where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous "house divided" speech.

Like Obama, Honest Abe served in the U.S. Congress for only a few years before seeking higher office.

I plan to go to Springfield that day to take-in the event.

Until then (Sat. 2/10), no more posts to this blog, but you can find me at Carbondale Bytelife or one of the Shawnee Net blogs, where the news aggregator rocks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Safety first

Have you seen the old Lincoln Jr. High School building on Washington St. recently? It's completely demolished, an impressive heap of rubble.

The plan is to build a Safety Center at that location, a home for the City and University police, and maybe part of nationwide network of local intelligence centers described in the Washington Post recently:

". . . U.S. states and cities are building their own network of intelligence centers to pool and analyze information from local, state and federal law enforcement officials. The new "fusion centers" are now operating in 37 states, [and] have received $380 million in federal support since 2001."

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something for singles

Someone sent an email to "interested" at that raises a good point:
Like to think [the Marry the Mayor thing] hits on a real need in this city -- singles attractions.

Paducah's Executive Inn has singles dances Monday nights. Big cities have specials luring young or not so young singles ( a la "Chicago"magazine). The focus here is college age entertainment alone.

To attract and hold young career people, there should be more ways to bring people together. The old Holiday Inn used to have dances. If anyone remembers, maybe they could suggest adding a little more excitement to night life in C'dale.
The writer is "open to suggestions" . . . as am I.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blogging Noah Bond

A new reporter from WPSD TV-6 interviewed the "Committee to Get the Mayor Married in 2007" yesterday about the "Marry the Mayor" web site.

Noah Bond is a native of Kansas City, MO, who recently moved to Marion from KIDK, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Not much web presence at this stage of his career - only a thumbnail photo from his old station. But that's about to change, 'cause Noah's back and center in the new Marry the Mayor blog.

An eligible bachelor himself, Noah blushes at the mention of a "" web site.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

When a blog hits your eye . . .

The "Marry the Mayor" thing has taken on a life of its own, thanks to the local media and the Committee to Get the Mayor Married. The only thing that could kill their dedication is if he isn't re-elected -- because the website would have to be changed to "Marry a Former Mayor.Com" and that domain name is already taken. (Don't bother checking, it's a joke). But if the voters in their wisdom give Cole another four years, then "the committee" will devote the remainder of 2007 to getting the 35-year old Republican politician hitched. You ask why? (as Kristen Cates did) Because we can! And it's a good and positive thing to do.

In addition to today's article in The Southern Illinoisan newspaper by (the single and eligible?) Ms. Cates, I hear that WSIL-TV 3 News profiled the web site a couple of nights ago, and WPSD-TV 6 wants to do a feature also.

I wrote a press release about it. ;-)

Monday, January 08, 2007


Ten days ago, before the new year, I made a list of things to do in 2007. Most were projects (originally proposed in this blog) that still have 'legs' like
  • Building a Carbondale Bark Park on Oakland St. or other suitable location.
  • Producing "Pianos" and "Voices" versions of Between the Rivers to benefit good causes. Some excellent performers have provided material so far, but more is needed to make a full-bodied compilation.
  • Developing the Shawnee Net portal. The "news aggregator" feature is a time saver, the way the most recent news articles from local news sources are available at the click of a mouse. I hereby resolve to add a photo gallery and local online store in 2007.
  • Finishing the blook after the City Council swearing-in ceremony, and before my signing off from this blog for good. (I know, you've heard that before).
In the meantime, promoting the "Town Square" district of Carbondale using a multi-media approach is a top priority, in addition to marketing local art.

Other projects will inevitably crop up this year (such as the mayoral marital mission below), but the current list will give me something to do, when I'm not engaged in one guilty pleasure or another.

Wishing all who read this a bloggy & productive year.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Marry the Mayor?

Reading some local New Year resolutions in the Southern Illinoisan, I was struck by Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole's statement: “My resolution is to get married. But first I have to find somebody, fall in love and then get engaged. But I guess I have 12 months."

Not much time, when you consider the next three-four months will be consumed with City business (such as tonight's Liquor Advisory Board meeting) and campaigning for re-election. To help the Mayor out, an Ad Hoc "Committee to Get the Mayor Married" should be organized -- with representatives of bridal shops, wedding photographers, reception halls, and others -- to screen candidates for a speed date with the busy Cole.

A "Marry the Mayor" web site might help the process. ;-)

UPDATE: 1/5/07
Brad Cole has been informed of this effort on his behalf. Surprised that anyone would take such an interest in his love life, he said he would consider a date on Town Square and maybe hike in Giant City, but wouldn't promise to actually marry someone who enters the essay contest. Since it's his resolution for the new year, he couldn't rule it out, either.