Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something for singles

Someone sent an email to "interested" at that raises a good point:
Like to think [the Marry the Mayor thing] hits on a real need in this city -- singles attractions.

Paducah's Executive Inn has singles dances Monday nights. Big cities have specials luring young or not so young singles ( a la "Chicago"magazine). The focus here is college age entertainment alone.

To attract and hold young career people, there should be more ways to bring people together. The old Holiday Inn used to have dances. If anyone remembers, maybe they could suggest adding a little more excitement to night life in C'dale.
The writer is "open to suggestions" . . . as am I.


Anonymous said...

How about Craiglist personals? Carbondale Craigslist could definitely use more activity in general.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see SIUC host single faculty and staff mixers. It may seem like an odd idea, but if SIUC employees hook up they are more likely to stay here.

Finding romantic partners is a major social problem for single and divorced faculty.

Parentheticus said...

Two good suggestions.

But I like Anonymous's idea a lot.

What organizations or departments within SIU would have an interest?

Anonymous said...

The Faculty Senate and the Provost's office could co-sponsor. Ideally the event would pay for itself but the Provost could kick in some money.