Thursday, January 11, 2007

When a blog hits your eye . . .

The "Marry the Mayor" thing has taken on a life of its own, thanks to the local media and the Committee to Get the Mayor Married. The only thing that could kill their dedication is if he isn't re-elected -- because the website would have to be changed to "Marry a Former Mayor.Com" and that domain name is already taken. (Don't bother checking, it's a joke). But if the voters in their wisdom give Cole another four years, then "the committee" will devote the remainder of 2007 to getting the 35-year old Republican politician hitched. You ask why? (as Kristen Cates did) Because we can! And it's a good and positive thing to do.

In addition to today's article in The Southern Illinoisan newspaper by (the single and eligible?) Ms. Cates, I hear that WSIL-TV 3 News profiled the web site a couple of nights ago, and WPSD-TV 6 wants to do a feature also.

I wrote a press release about it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Can I have your autograph, Dave?

Parentheticus said...

Shure, Shawn...if we ever drink a cold one together, we can autograph each others' glasses with ballpoint pens. ;-)