Friday, June 19, 2009

sight for poor eyes

Somone asks what I'll be doing when my run with Greyhound is done. Simple: continue what I've been doing -- morning drives for Blue Star Lines, finishing my blook, selling my own books, promoting the sand paintings of Vic DeGraff, occasional blipping, tweeting, etc.

Of course Ill be keeping up w/ goings on in C'dale, scanning ShawneeNet for the latest local news feeds, including the "Dazette" And since I now have Mediacom I can watch City Council meetings on TV. (Eurma Hayes Child Care should have been allowed to fail 5 years ago, when Council agreed to underwrite its operation.)

The ShawneeNet site needs upgrading too ... with more photos and links to businesses.

All of this requires clear vision -- which I got a couple of days ago.

Had my eyes examined by Louisana's own Mia Guillory, the Opthamologist at Doctor's ValuVision in the Mall, where I got tested and fitted with new eyeglasses this week.

I bought a couple of pair.

Now everything has come into better focus.

Friday, June 12, 2009

counting the days

Only 18 days until my Greyhound adventure ends: June 30 will be my last day. Not that I'm counting the days, or anything.

I plan to train the staff at the BP gas station (905 E. Main, across from Sonic & Midas) to take over in July.

After that, I'll have mornings free for the first time in five years. ... Time to process photos and write chapters for my blook -- and tweet on local stuff ... and play deejay on

Monday, June 08, 2009

Haven't you heard?

In a letter to supporters, reprinted on the Team Brad website, Mayor Brad Cole announces his intention to seek statewide office on the Republican ticket. Which office, he doesn't say. Whatever one he can get, I guess. At this summer's State Fair in Springfield, Cole's fellow party members will convene to compare notes on a strategy to retake control of State government. ... Seems like Cole is staking his territory.

Most of comments in the local press are negative; not much has changed in that regard since the mayoral election.

There are actually two sets of comments on the story: several on the "breaking news" version.... and several more on the "front page" version.