Friday, June 19, 2009

sight for poor eyes

Somone asks what I'll be doing when my run with Greyhound is done. Simple: continue what I've been doing -- morning drives for Blue Star Lines, finishing my blook, selling my own books, promoting the sand paintings of Vic DeGraff, occasional blipping, tweeting, etc.

Of course Ill be keeping up w/ goings on in C'dale, scanning ShawneeNet for the latest local news feeds, including the "Dazette" And since I now have Mediacom I can watch City Council meetings on TV. (Eurma Hayes Child Care should have been allowed to fail 5 years ago, when Council agreed to underwrite its operation.)

The ShawneeNet site needs upgrading too ... with more photos and links to businesses.

All of this requires clear vision -- which I got a couple of days ago.

Had my eyes examined by Louisana's own Mia Guillory, the Opthamologist at Doctor's ValuVision in the Mall, where I got tested and fitted with new eyeglasses this week.

I bought a couple of pair.

Now everything has come into better focus.

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