Thursday, February 15, 2007

Date Candidates Update & Candidates Debate Date

Things have heated up on both the love and the campaign fronts since my last post. According to the official press release I wrote, a woman from Nashville, Tennessee, was given the nod by the Marry the Mayor Committee, although Mayor Cole is being coy about his own choice until after next week's primary election. He says “I don’t want my personal life to become a distraction. I'd prefer to let my record as Mayor be the issue for the next 9 weeks, not my record on the dating scene.”

On the campaign scene things are heating up, as well, thanks to Peter Gregory's blog. His analysis of married mayoral candidate Sheila Simon's platform issues has been devasting, if you accept Peter's capitalistic 'take' on her ideas. Not much coming from Simon's supporters. The best they can do is (anonymously) demean Cole by calling him "marry-the-mayor Brad" or "mayor hot pants." Or downplay the progress the city has made in the past four years.

Wanting more systematic analysis of Simon's plans, I invited some other bloggers to contribute their own thoughts on her issues, which I'm publishing a preview of today, before this evening's candidate debate. It's far from complete, so if you want to contribute to the document yourself, let me know.

Tonight's debate at the Civic Center should be interesting. It's on Cable-16, but I don't have MediaCom, so I'll attend in person -- and try to videotape some highlights.

UPDATE: -- No video recording was permitted at the debate.


Anonymous said...

You should drop the charade of calling that a systematic defense of her plans. That's nothing of the sort.

It's fine that you have your own point of view, but let's not pretend that somehow that is anywhere close to a defense of her platform.

Parentheticus said...

Dear anonymous - Nowhere did I say that my experiment with Google Docs is a "systematic defense" but "systematic analysis" which it still purports to be. If you read carefully you will find points in favor of both candidates . . . If you think it is too biased, you are invited to contribute. Send me your email address and I will send you an invitation to collaborate. Being civic-minded takes time, as I am sure you know.