Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One more thing, before I go

The local scene's been fascinating, lately, but aside from reading Bytelife, my blogging has tailed off, due to burn-out caused by August heat and post-election malaise, plus morning bus'ness every day at Greyhound, leaving little time or inclination to write about the local sales tax increase, Saluki Way, or SIU President Glenn Poshard's shoddily documented decades-old dissertation.

The summer swelter has me pining for the cooler clime of Portland, Oregon, where a Jackson St. ambiance can be found throughout the city, and bicyclists ride to work year 'round, not just on Bike to Work Day. I plan to visit there this Fall to see my grandchild, and interview prospective employers.

But I ain't leavin' town until my blook is done. Sample chapters will be posted in this blog in coming weeks, beginning with the one about the Varsity Theater: "V is for Varsity."


Unknown said...

First Peter the Great and now you ...? What gives?

tom said...

we'll miss you if you go...congratulations on being a grandfather!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to complain, but this blog is getting pretty boring. How about some words dude?

Parentheticus said...

Your wish is my command, ptg. More words forthwith.