Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day of Rest

Today, a break ... after a week of being hounded by bus customers. Yesterday, one of them bought a ticket from Jackson, MS to San Francisco, CA, and I hooked him up with his own blog, Bound for New Zealand right there at Graydawg's Greyhound ticket counter, where the journey begins.

Business has boomed at the BP, since the buses have been taking ten minute breaks en route. Shoplifting has, as well. ... As anticipated, my own bottom line has not increased, while the workload has. It's more like a job now (requiring motorized transportation due to distance).

But not today. Although the buses will still stop at the BP, I'm stopping for a rest. ... maybe go to the new Batman or to Blue Sky Vineyard to hear the Saloonatics from 2-5pm and surf the web. Maybe send a tweet or two. Last I heard (Friday afternoon), i was shootin' hoops at the old CCHS outside court. Must be done by now, since I'm at my home computer, listening to
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I should have tweeted after getting into an accident on Friday night. Young lady in an SUV tried to cross the street from Professional Park Drive to Sonic, right in front of me, as I was heading East on Main, in the far right lane. Hit the side door. Cops said it was her fault. Gave me a sobriety test, which nearly hypnotized me. There was a witness, too, a roller skating waittress, who said she'd testify. ... Another time I shoulda tweeted, out at Arnolds Market on Saturday, wolfing down a "Boskydell Bomber" at the picnic table out in front, seeing Bruce Appleby and Bill Simeone (two former English profs) in the lot. Never thought on 8/8/80 I'd have an informal meeting of my Ph.D. committee on 8/8/08.

Saturday, I got together with an Amtrak friend on layover, and two other Sunday hoopers for a little HORSE action, but soon got challenged to a game by some young whippersnappers, Terron, Jonathan, Steffan, whom you'll probably see in the big show at CCHS in a two or three years.(Another time I coulda tweeted, but again without eyeglasses.)

The courts at Attucks Park are by far the best in town, with outdoor lighting and 4 baskets with nets (two full courts).

Haven't watched any of the Olympics yet, nor heard any coverage. ... The only bit I've got so far came from KT's twitter. My reception for Channel 6 has not been that good, even with the analog-to-digital signal converter box, I bought at Radio Shack in Murdale, with the $40 coupon from the government (which RS applied to the total price, including tax, which I questioned at the time, but they did it anyway).

But enough about me. ... What's going on in Cdale lately? The Saturday morning Farmers Market on "The Square" has more people than when it was on Wednesdays on hot afternoons.

And Jeremiah's is still standing, but not for long.

I wasn't crazy about the Git Sum lunch I tried last week, some kind of curry chicken, which was okay, but not much of it, compared to New Kahala, my favorite Chinese take-out place. I'll try another item on the menu next time, but fear this Indian take-out spot will not survive long.

Went to see Pineapple Express Friday night, a film about the best weed in the world, which seemed more like schwag, though with a good heart. I can't be too critical of the script (written by Seth Rogen and partner at age 15) since my own script has been languishing for months. Maybe I should hire Jonathan, Terron, or Steffan to punch it up.

That's all for now, Bloggee. I've got some photos to add later. ... If you want more blog news about C'dale, read Bytelife.

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Anonymous said...

It's more like a job now (requiring motorized transportation due to distance).

It requires motorized transportation due to distance? I don't think distance is the issue. The old station is less than a mile from the new. Perhaps the lack of decent bicycling routes along the Hwy 13 corridor on the east side is the problem.

Parentheticus said...

You're right, Paranoid ... but did you look at the round-about route given on Google Maps? Instead of East on Walnut St., it routes you all the say to College to Lewis Lane!

Anonymous said...

I put the route in that roundabout way. It's the route that I would take to get from the old station to the new if I were going there on my bike. If you feel safe riding your bike on Walnut, more power to you.