Sunday, September 21, 2008

stream of bloggishness

I've had a case of "writer's blogck" lately. ... Instead, been drinking campaign news through micro-media -- with sips of Papa Nicholas Espresso or Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. ... With all that drinking, blogging can be compared to urinating in front of strangers. (Ellipsis dots are then so many pee drops on the leg of literary style. ... )

Meanwhile, my blook is stalled by technical problems with video formatting and loss of print quality in the electronic-to-paper transfer using TK3 Author. ... Looks like Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended will do the trick. (For a price of $600-plus, it should, but I hope to find a less expensive alternative.)

Also stalled, the Grand Opening for Graydog's Greyhound at its new location (inside the BP gas station on 905 E. Main) -- until a state-approved white on green highway sign is installed on the corner of Walnut St. and Cedarview Ct., where Domino's is. The City has sent a request to IDOT for approval, so stay tuned.

Aside from these two projects I've been twittering my heart out. Not as often as blogfather Dave Winer, or Peter the Great's hero Guy Kawasaki, or Peoria's Pundit, Billy Dennis, but with 277 updates - and counting -more than other locals.

I usually try to squeeze a link into my tweets by using "Tiny URL"

For instance I will tweet about this blog post, with link.

I've also added a twitter feed to this blog.

Question: if blogging is like public urination, what is twittering? It's more like marking territory with pith.

Although some readers seem to have a prejudice agains the "micro-media" ... I urge all thirsty information seekers to have sip or two -- then pour some of yourself into the glass.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to check out Sophie, a program created as the follow-up to TK3. At free, it beats the pants of Acrobat price-wise. It may not be what you need, ultimately, but hey, free is free.


Anonymous said...

What is this a vacation? Get to work bloggie!

Best regards, from rain land,