Saturday, October 11, 2008

More words from Greeley

BlackBerry sez low 80's in The 'Dale today ...but it's much cooler in Greeley,CO, this morning - and drizzly. There's a HS band competition that my son is marching in, playing saxophone.His football game yesterday was a 40-12 loss, so he doesn't feel much like marching in the rain this morning.

This afternoon we'll drive to rainy Denver where I'll hop the midnight bus back to the former Capital of Southern Illinois - where the weather is fine - and a new business venture awaits:Words & More - with an office on Main St.- in the heart of the publishing district.;-)

Speaking of publishing, I took the plunge in Portland, and forked out a couple hundred bux for Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended, since my daughter could get the educator's discount for me - a $400 saving that will keep the price of the blook under $15.

Reading Stephen You-Know-Who's book "I Am America (and So Can You)" has given me new ideas for the blook's layout and attitude. I want it to be an entertaining read, like Colbert's ("You make the first one good enough, then you don't have to write another." ...Same might be said of my last blog post).


Anonymous said...

Hey! You in a different mindset? What happened to blogging? Is blogging dead?

Hope things are going well,

Parentheticus said...

different mindset, yes, but blogging isn't dead ... twitter lives!

been dealing with assorted business, personal and professional time commitments, but it's all good.

technical issues have also presented obtacles, but now that I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended, those problems have been solved.

the plan is have the blook published in May, on B2W Day.

planning to attend the Mayor's State of the City Speech in December.

Meanwhile, I'll be twittering as lowercase dave, along with the likes of Guy Kawasaki and Shaquille o'neal.

You should get a twitter account, too, PtG. Then we can follow our activities better. Twittering is fun, easy and informative.