Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doug Law

Recently, I got stopped while driving to Schnucks, because my license plate registration was expired. On top of that, my proof of insurance was not to be found (since it was laying on the desk in my room, a block away). And, uh, my seat belt wasn't fastened. ...

Only heard (of) Will Elliott Whitmore on BLIP 36hrs b4 this p... on TwitPicMaybe because I'd just uploaded a video to YouTube of Will Whitmore singing "Johnny Law" ("the littlest man you ever saw") I expected "the book" to be thrown at me. Not the one I'm currently reading, but a hefty ticket.

Turned out, Officer Doug was a stand-up guy, and let me off with a warning, plus a ticket to provide proof of insurance at the County Courthouse in a few weeks.

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