Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where's the tea?

About 75 ppl showed up for the #teaparty in C'dale, including... on TwitpicThe local "Tea Party" was pretty well attended by mostly older people. Jeff Trexler, Secy of the local (newly formed) Constitution Party, opened the gathering with a prayer, the everyone took their place in line. I was hoping to find Shawn the Beer Philos'pher there, since it was he who tipped me off (on Twitter) about this event, and he and I expressed a difference of opinion about it's importance: I called it "sour grapes in a teapot" but Shawn said he'd rather have sour grapes than kool-aid... (Maybe Shawn should trying selling sour grapes at a sidewalk stand this summer to see which beverage washes down better with the public).

Also in the crowd, my house manager (who intensely dislikes Obama) and local blogger "Greener Than Thou" who handed out flyers of her own: about spending tax money to kill children and save bankers (and writes about the experience "At the Mad Hatters Tea Party" in her blog).

Also old friends Mark and Lynn (who spoke against Obama "spreading abortion" throughout the world with his policies).

Didn't see any tea, though... Click on the photo for more detail.

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Unknown said...

Just getting around to reading this, Dave. Sorry I was missed! Work commitments prevented me from attending an event that I'd otherwise attend. I guess you might say I was just diligent to do my part to continue to pay our government a disproportionate amount of taxes so they can continue to squander it away with bailouts and various other extravagant spending sprees.

It feels good to help, it really does.

The thing I honestly don't get is why this event - one that I'd expect people on either side of the political fence (or even those firmly ON it) might get behind - had to be painted by many idealogues as a "Republican" thing, or a "Right Wing" thing? What gives? I have many friends who were anxious to participate in this protest because they were upset about the spending habits of the Bush administration, specifically! The attempt to position this thing as merely a "front" for the anti-Obama crowd by these people is both ridiculous and shortsighted.

For me, the desire to have a fair level of taxation (pun possibly intended)and fiscally responsible representation from our elected leaders - regardless of party affiliation - is about as non-partisan a cause as I can imagine.

The Kool-Aid may taste sweeter goin' down, but the wise will opt for the wine! ;)