Thursday, July 30, 2009

postcard from the edgy

postcard from the edgyit's been a busy summer, and more fun since leaving greyhound, though i'll miss some of my colleagues from those days. ... the pics at right offer a random depiction of some of highlights so far, still focusing on local people and events.
some pix are personal, some are public, such as the ribbon cutting at the Stadium Grille. ... Let me tell you, after eating there... they should tape the ribbon back together, and put the building up for lease!
at last the folks at Southern Bank will have a nice building to look at.... But everyday when I drive by it seems like fewer cars are in the parking lot. overpriced, small portion, poor beer selection... Nice ambience though.
the other pics are of friends in various states of work or relaxation.
i myself and leaving town tomorrow, for a few weeks, by bus to the NW and points beyond for a few weeks. Where i stop nobody knows, but I'll be tweeting as I go. I'll send you a postcard from Vancouver.
tonight is the final Sunset Concert of the summer... some funky music from the steps of Shryock auditorium.
See ya there, Bloggee.

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Anonymous said...

Nice clothesline shot!