Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Classic

If you read this between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7, you may have noticed problems w/the Shawnee Net home page. As I write this, the news feeds have disappeared, replaced by a series of error messages. The reason for this is two-fold 1) I've moved my websites to a new, improved server. and 2) I'm travelling to Philadelphia today, to bask in Phillies phever w/ my homeboys and family. I appreciate Karmadale more if I get out of town for a few days every few months.

Which means I'll miss a week of peak colors on leaves of local trees, and yet I must be leaving to be in Philly for games 3, 4 and 5 of Major League Baseball's "Fall Classic" ... the World Series, where my "Fightin' Phils" attempt to prove that last year's championship was no fluke -- by beating the storied New York Yankees in a best-of-seven series.... The teams just split two games in New York. If I'm lucky (and I am) the Phils will wrap it up in game 5... winning 3 straight games at home.

But here in Southern Illusionois, it hasn't been a classic Fall at all. It's rained so much this month, it feels like the Pacific Northwest. ... A steady downpour continues as I write to iPage tech people about the MySQL problem w/ Shawnee Net. Supposed to be cleared up by tomorrow.

Okay, I've got to finish packing.... Will try to add some links en route.

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