Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Date update

Yesterday, I heard from Barbara Ebert, star of the "Future Mrs. Cole(?)" video on YouTube -- a nice email message with some photos. Apparently she and Mayor Brad Cole (of Marry the Mayor fame) met for their "dream date" over the weekend, including meals at Harbaugh's and Tom's Place, where the photo below was snapped. What they did between meals, Barb didn't say; only that "he was a perfect gentleman and I truly enjoyed getting to meet him."

Wouldn't you know it? The man who's a self-professed perfectionist would be a perfect gentleman. But look more closely at the photo below of the two of them "acting silly" before dinner." Is a perfect gentleman ever silly?

What caption would go here? (click photo to enlarge) Barbara's saying something like "Are you going to be a perfect gentleman all night?!"

Was there a "Love Connection?" According to the future Mrs. Cole(?), they "do not have another meeting planned thus far, but . . . will keep in touch."

A third photo from the date is posted at the Marry the Mayor blog.

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