Monday, June 04, 2007

A trophy and a possibility

Looks like the server problem has been fixed, so I can keep this blog updated as the Shawnee Net news aggregator is streamlined, and the sources are updated. This morning I read an actual page at breakfast - about the Miners' third straight loss.

But good news about the Cleveland Cavaliers "rising up" to the next level of the NBA playoffs. I'm a big Cavs fan because sometimes I adopt a cavalier attitude about things like the proposed new Greyhound bus stop.

I've spoken to some key people at the station about the possibility of selling Greyhound tickets in the same building, including Mr. Thomas T. Pleasants, a conductor, who received his Bike 2 Work trophy belatedly this morning. I also spoke to other Amtrak employees over the weekend about the possibility of sharing space. Without going into details, the upshot is it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Amtrak has other plans, it seems. However, the City may have some leverage to encourage an "intermodal" approach, like they have in Champaign and other cities.

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