Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miners club Otters

Last night's home opener for the City of Marion's new minor league baseball team, the Southern Illinois Miners, was a big hit, judging from the coverage in the Southern Illinoisan, which has a nice slide show accompanied by (asynchronous) interviews of fans by Caleb Hale (nearly drowned out by the sound of wind). Good job by Patrick Laxson, although snapshots of the people being spoken to would have helped. Les Winkeler contributed two articles: one about the stadium (with audio) and one about the quality of the team. And Robert Crow covered the game itself, which the Miners won, 9-6. . . . Hardly a 'clubbing', but a tip of the cap to Tom "Cap" Miller for suggesting the phrase "Miners Club Otters" in yesterday's "morning news watch" on WJPF-AM -- as a tee-shirt (but rejected for polically correct reasons).

The Miners will play the Evansville Otters again tonight. Then tomorrow it's the River City Rascals.

Will the headline read: Miners Throw the Rascals Out?

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