Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Levee levity

I heard from an SI reporter today about story on the Greyhound venture, which I appreciate. But the office is far from ready for a close-up. Only a few hardy travelers have found their way there. The sign isn't even up yet. The regional manager has promised to bring a new sign, but he has left me hanging for two days without a ticket printer or high-speed internet. Oy. Leave the driving to them.

Standing on the sidewalk outside the office, looking across North Washington (known for years as "The Levee") I can see a lot of possibility, because it's so blighted. It's like landing on Baltic Avenue in Monopoly. What can be done except for paint?

Charley Greer has done a great job refurbishing the old Cadillac Lounge bar into a Urban boutique, with some pretty nice stuff. The rest of the block may follow suit.

WDBX is trying to expand, and I hear that Jessica of Rosetta Books is moving across the street, into the Tropicana space behind Longbranch, which has both front and back entrances, including one on Washington. And the former home of the Big Muddy Independent Media Center may also find a new tenant, if the bus stops there.


Anonymous said...

That's "Levee", not "Levy".

Anonymous said...

nice graffitti on the upper part of the big muddy center....I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the "Moist" and "Trash" graffitti tags all over town.