Friday, May 18, 2007

Motorcycling to work

Gotta hand it to Southern Illinoisan reporter Caleb Hale. In his report Carbondale Celebrates Bike to Work Day, he even scooped me on this:
"David More, a community organizer of the event, said he would have biked to work Thursday, but his bicycle was stolen a couple of days earlier. He admits he forgot to lock it up outside his Greyhound bus station along North Washington Street, but said he's fairly confident the police will be able to recover it."
I wasn't going to write about it. Prob'ly shouldn't have told CH, or should have been more clear, because I didn't mean to imply confidence the police would recover it (although they could) since I did not file a report.

So, not confidence, exactly, but hope! The guy who cleans the building knows people "on the street" and I'll be looking too. I've gotten a bike back before (the same one!), so it could happen again.

Meanwhile, I'll motorcycle to work, and look for a used two-wheeler at a yard sale, or thrift store.

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