Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walking the walk

Pounding the pavement today, peddling tomorrow's Bike 2 Work Day event at Town Square Pavilion (noon-1), I visited the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and met office manager Lisa Cardinale, secretary, and Meredith Rhoads, the director, (pictured here) who seemed more than willing to participate in the event.

It didn't take much conversation with Meredith (about 3 minutes) before I pegged her as a "gets things done" type. When I offered to take her on a walking tour of Town Square -- stopping by local businesses for an impromptu 'meet and greet' -- she jumped at the chance, keeping up with my pavement-pounding, stride for stride. I know the business owners that she met were delighted to meet her, and she learned a few things about some businesses nearby her office.

The last I saw her, she was considering riding her bicycle all the way from her parent's home in West Frankfort (26 miles) in order to win the distance trophy, although she has an extremely early start tomorrow (at the Chamber office at 6'ish) to meet the current crop of Leadership trainees for a field trip to the Leadership Conference sponsored by the Southern Illinoisan at JALC.

Maybe her entire group will bicyle over after their event a Logan.

And speaking of bicyling to work -- Another avid bicycler last night. One of the engineers for Amtrak, who rides to the station every morning he's in town, and hauls his bike to Chicago to have it there, as well. He leaves the motel at 6 tomorrow. I think I may try to meet him for a photo in the morning and quick interview, if I can get up that early. ;-)

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