Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blook 'im, Dano

The winner of the 3rd annual Blooker Prize was won by Colby Buzzell for best "blook" of 2007 (a book inspired by his blog): My War: Killing Time in Iraq.

One of the judges says Buzzell's blook
". . . tells the reader what it's like to be a grunt fighting in the Sunni Triangle with more power and authority than the best embedded reporter in the world could manage. My War has been a cult hit in America . . . and it would never have been written if blogging had not been invented."
I can think of several things that would not have happened if it weren't for this blog, and it ain't done yet! (despite Peter the Grate's ingratiating push off the board! ;-)) My plan is to wait until after the City Council meeting, so we can have some closure about the bus stop plan. Then after that, I'll publish weekly updates of how my own blook is coming along, and maybe do some marketing, as Colby does.

But this is Carbondale, not Iraq, or Washington D.C. so my gems and good news may not reach as wide an audience as I would like to make the effort and cost of publishing worthwhile. I'm thinking about turning it into a Ph.D. dissertation, if I can find some qualified and civic-minded interdisciplinary faculty members. (Jon Bean? Terry Clark? Who else? The School of Journalism seems far out of touch with blogs. To my knowledge there are no blogs emanating from SIUC).

Truly, this town is blog-tarded as it is in certain other quality of life issues (not one first-class Italian Restaurant!?). Peter G puzzles over the fact that when he leaves town this summer, that I will be the only local blogger actively commenting on the local scene. Of course, other local bloggers have been going strong for years, like Tom and Shawn to name two. But without the relentless localness I've tried to give this blog.

Even so, I want my blook to have broad readership, outside the narrow confines of the city limits, especially since traditional publishers are scouring blogs for the first bestselling blook.


Anonymous said...


I love your blook idea. My own dissertation on the topic of sound and epistemological metaphors will have both acoustic and visual components. If you're looking for interdisciplinary faculty, I assure you it doesn't get more interdisciplinary than Performance Studies in the Dept. od Speech Communication. Dr. Craig-Gingrich Philbrook (my own advisor), and Dr. Jonathan Gray come to mind.


Anonymous said...

You don't just write a bunch of words on a subject and then call it a dissertation. Dissertation is original research/creative work in an academic field, not just "a book" that you've put together. Plus, there are the large number of training hours you'd need to put in prior to receiving the degree. Do you even have a sense of what field it would be in? Probably not which is why this particular post is really insulting to everyone actually putting in the long hours of hard work to obtain their PhD.

Parentheticus said...

Take a pill, madman.

I've worked on a Ph.D. before. I know the drill.

I will leave it up to my committee to make the determinations that you're so worked up about.

I love your rhetorical question, by the way. You ask if I "have a sense of what field" and then answer "probably not" and then conclude "which is why . . ."

QED, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself mad math guy, I've been putting in the hours and I'm not insulted at all...Let's think outside the box!

Unknown said...


There is SIU Creative Writing Prof Pinckney Benedict's brilliant bloggings on his MySpace blog -

http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=113915202&MyToken=5688c7b1-2a26-4ffd-b8b8-4ff185a931d2ML -

(sorry 'bout the long URL)

He could charge for this stuff, in my opinion.

Parentheticus said...

Thanks for the tip, Shawn..... Here's a nice "Tiny URL" for Pinckney's blog.


check out "tinyurl.com" ;-)