Thursday, July 19, 2007


The local blogging scene's evolving ...... 2006's "Blogger of the Year" and winner of the "Soggy" for the best blog (sez me) Peter Gregory is moving to Oregon's greener pastures, and Bob Pauls found greener ones in Iowa, Jim Syler's restarted his 21 Days (blog about his National Guard experience) and Scott Thorne is posting more frequenty to the Bytelife blog, and Tom Leverett continues to do yeoman work on his blog(s) about his life, work, and play; and Cindy's MySpace blog about her family and music keeps me updated on her doings, while I have added Graydog's Blog, about my Greyhound experience.

Since I've been spending more time "uptown" in the 200 block of North Washington, I'm seeing a different side of the world than I am used to at the art gallery up the street. On Tuesday afternoon my son and I played catch with an unlucky (dumb) Greyhound customer who got kicked off the bus for smoking in the lavatory. Don't know when the last time anyone played catch in that block Washington St.

This afternoon, I took him with me to work at Greyhound, and he enjoyed watching me explain to a man who doesn't speak English why I couldn't give him a full refund for his ticket. Eventually the hombre who runs the Santana Auto Body shop on the corner of Oak and Washington volunteered to translate, which helped. He gave me his cell phone #, too, in case I never need his help again. I asked about what "questionable activities" he might have been engaged in, according to the testimony of M. Stalls, on the anti-bus-stoppers. Mr. Santana was surprised to hear that someone made some disparaging remarks about his business.

In the afternoon, my son and I walked with me on my walking tour of the Main Street, the Chamber where I got some good tips for places to go and things to do, such as the Herrin Pool.

It's a good thing Family Video rents PlayStation 2 by the week.

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