Saturday, July 07, 2007

Post Independence Day post

Not much time for blogging lately, busy with other things, like working on my blook, and Art Lovers projects, such as the sand painting of the old Stage Company (Bank of Carbondale) building.

And since the morning bus now leaves at 10:10 a.m. instead of 10:40, been opening the office at 9:30, instead of 10. So now, instead of sitting at this keyboard writing, I'm selling Greyhound tickets to St. Louis and beyond.

Poor me, going to work at 9:30.

But that's okay, I also plan to change the focus of this blog from local to national, supporting political causes like 9/11 re-investigation, and political candidates like Ron Paul, a friend of mine on MySpace -- a Libertarian in elephant's clothing.

Although some say Ron's foreign policy is naive, but he's raised more money than McCain, and stands for principles I value, such as peace and freedom.

On the Democratic side, there's Obama, Clinton, Edwards, and the dark horse, Gore. The Dream ticket: Clinton-Obama will be the final choice, I predict.

Republican dream ticket: Ron Paul and Brad Cole. . . . Yeah right. In my dreams.

And Cindy Sheehan could prove to be a nightmare for House Speaker Nancy P. Cindy says she'll run against Pelosi if the Speaker doesn't put impeachment back on the table in the next two weeks. You go girl! (and you, too, girl!)


Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Hi. I have a blog on blooking so I was excited to discover that you're doing a blook! But then I read the description and my spirits sagged a bit. 24 pages? The CD is a cool idea and I will post about it. But honestly, with only 24 pages it's gonna be pretty hard to win a Blooker Prize, don't you think?

Parentheticus said...

Thanks for the feedback, Cheryl. You have a point, but there are good reason for offering fewer paper pages.

1) one of the recurring themes of the Carbondaley Dispatch is going digital, i.e., paperless. 2) as you note, a digital book will allow for many more photos -- as well as video and audio -- to be included. 3) much less $ to print. (Compare printing prices for 400 pages and 40. At this point the number of pages in the printed part has not been decided. As noted in the pre-pub pub, the info given is tentative.

Something else: I announced my blog-based "blook"before the first Blooker Prize competition was announced. At the time, I thought they may have got the term from me, but learned otherwise.

So, I'm not expecting to win the Blooker Prize -- especially since the Sponsor of the Prize wants to promote paper format publishing.

I just want to create something good.

The answer to how it's done is found in TK3, so check it out!

Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Thanks for getting back to me. I will check out TK3. Good luck!