Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful day for a ride to work

As noted elsewhere, today is Bike 2 Work Day; I'm stoked, spoked, and fit for a toke! Not a cloud in the sky. . . . A beautiful day for a ride, and everything is set for lunch at the Pavilion. Global Gourmet will cater the event; my mainn mann Darby McGrann will play guitar & croon a tune or two; and the trophies and prizes are good to go. . . . I hope there's a good turnout. . . . There's been a drop-off in participation since the first year, when even the City Manager joined in and rode to work.

If less people are involved, I blame myself. . . . I don't do enough of the person-to-person thing and follow-up. Not that I haven't tried; I've spoken one-on-one to various community and business leaders. Informally, but directly. And people pay lip service, but rarely pay hip service.

There are good reasons for not riding your bicycle to work today or any day -- too long a distance being the reason most people cite. Or not having a bike.

But those of you who know the freedom and joy of breezing along the street on a sunny Springy day like this one should ride their bicycles to Town Square this afternoon and spend an hour with some fellow travelers.

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