Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Work to Bus & Bike 2 Work

Negotiations for the new Greyhound Bus location (the BP gas station at 905 E. Main St.) have been complicated by the fact that Greyhound Lines Inc. recently cut the commission rate for small agencies like mine from a top rate of 12% to 9%, and the moving costs, plus the monthly rent will cost more than anticipated.

Been pondering how to complete a deal that will benefit all parties but me. . . . Try to work it so I don't lose money. One solution is to involve the crew at BP more than originally planned, and pay a percent of the 9%. How much is hard to say because it's only been 1 full month since the rate was cut.

If they can do the job, I can stay home in the morning and work on the blook, as well as the script for Hold the Sausage -- which can't be done, if I'm answering the questions of people who are "double checking" what the 800 number told them, or what they read online.

But until an agreement is settled with the BP folks, the move is stalled.

Meanwhile, Bike 2 Work Day came off nicely. Weather was permitting, and Global Gourmet box lunches were delicious. The trophy for the individual who rode the farthest went to a guy from SIU School of Microbiology, whose name I forgot to ask when handing him the trophy (but will). I only know he rode 12 miles. The prize for most members of a business or organization went to Morris Library who had 8 staffers ride their bikes to work, and to lunch at the Pavilion.

It would have been better (merrier) if members of the business community and the local bicycle club participated, but there are two big reasons why not. Some live too far away (they say), ore they are too fearful to bycycle on a busy street. Some don't want perspiration to spoil their day; and some, like Rotary Breakfast Club, and the Carbondale Bicycle Club don't participate (I believe) because they don't want to sanction anything sponsored by Mayor Brad Cole.

The antipathy to Cole goes back to the first year, when a baby shower was scheduled by the staff at City Hall for the same day (although City Mgr. Jeff Doherty rode . . . and now-retired assistant City Mgr. Don Monty was a year-round biker to worker, so the City was represented. Even Brad borrowed a bicycle an rode into the parking lot for the tv camera.)

Speaking of the tv camera, I tried to have a bit of fun while Cole was being interviewed by Channel 3, walking behind him during the interview with the guy who won the Year Round Rider trophy, but the station went with an extreme close-up of Cole's face, and only about 5 seconds of clip, so no comic hi-jinx were seen on the newscast.

Bye for now. It's almost time for me to bike to the bus station.

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Anonymous said...

If what you believe about the Rotary Breakfast Club and the Bicycle Club is true, that's sad. This town is small. If everyone refuses to work with people who they dislike or with whom they disagree, nothing will get done around here.