Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every day is not Bike 2 Work Day

Saw former city manager Jeff Doherty at the BP today, looking relaxed and fit. Since retirement every day is like Saturday, he says. Lucky him. For me, every day is Thursday, except on months with 30 days, when every day is Monday.

Besides Jeff D., today, I met a video editor at Longbranch for a glass pineapple juice, and Jim Zimmerman from the Arthur Agency came to the table, so I introduced him to Mr. Video, who may be getting a gig out of it. And Amy McMorrow breezed down the sidewalk, with flyers for an art event on The Square. Since the Art Lovers blog hasn't been updated for awhile, I'm sending her an invitation to contribute. Should invite the artists, too.

I wish the commenters would reveal themselves. There's a kind of paranoia about commenting in this town, such as the helpful commenter who calls him(?)self "paranoid," who has a problem with my bicycle route to the BP (when/if i pedal there from home.) I'd probably just ride East on Main St. on the sidewalks, giving right of way to rare pedestrians.

But back to commenting. Although Bytelife has lively discussions, it also has some absurdly ad-hominem name-calling by someone who has it in for DaveX, WDBX's king of the wee hours. The guy hates DaveX so much, I don't know why. But DaveX always comes back with a counterpunch, so more power to him. In the future Bytelife should require registration to comment, like in Peoria. Would pseudonymous contributors like "gadfly" and "sam w. clyde" still contribute if they had to register? Would "paranoid"?

I'm quite impressed by Billy "3,752 Tweets and Counting" Dennis's Blog Peoria Project. Don't know if C'dale has a sufficiently unparanoid population to engage in community-wide blogging, though. Bytelife is supposed to be a "Carbondale Bloggers Blog" Scott Thorne does most of the posting with DaveX chiming in with a self-promotional spread every so often, and me dropping a community interest item once in awhile (reserving self-promotional stuff to this blog).

Speaking of self-promotional stuff, according to a twitter update, I recently uploaded a book about alien abduction to ... For my effort, I'll get $1 for each book sold, and it gave me practice for publishing my own blook in prog, which is only a few months away from publication: on Bike 2 Work Day in May.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, readers know that I do the show for the musical benefit of Southern Illinois first and foremost, so any "self-promotion" is in service to this end.

Besides, Scott always beats me to the punch!

--DaveX, King of the Wee Hours

Anonymous said...

Riding on the sidewalk is forbidden in Carbondale.

The name "paranoid" was what I took after a while on PTG's blog, where my comments were testier than they are here. No, I probably wouldn't comment if I had to register -- at least not until I have tenure or get fired and have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Keep pump'n Dave. The sidewalk rules are from an age when people walked. As long as you don't run over the people in wheelchairs or the foreign students, you rarely see a walker in C'dale. When I was a kid, the police enforced the bikes on the sidewalk rule, but no more.

Castle Perilous Games said...

Back during the 90's, a Saluki Patrol member yelled at me to get off my bike as I rode on one of the sidewalks near Woody Hall, which I promptly did. Haven't had any other authority call me on it in years.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. The sidewalks on campus are one of the few places in Carbondale where cycling on the sidewalk is mostly allowed, "C. Operation of bicycles is permitted on all campus pedestrian pathways except where prohibited by sign or marking."