Sunday, August 24, 2008

Musical interlude

After work on Friday, I hung out at Hangar 9, with my pal, Al, and a pale ale, to catch eight talented musicians jamming on the back porch. With six-string guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass and slide guitar, fiddle and bass fiddle, Nathan Graham, Robert Russell, Ryan Blake, John Beck, Chris Debiossi, Rick Johnson, Gary Childers, Ruth Ann Levinson, Jeff Sills.

Everyone was talking about young Graham, a cracker-jack singer and strummer. His band is called Black Diamond Highway. I'm going to see them all perform today at the Bluegrass Jamboree, 2-8 pm, at Rustle Hill Winery.

Between twitterin' and swigs, I went inside for another pale ale, and got to talk with Josh of the Jah Roots band performing later that night on the main stage. ... He gave me two of the band's CDs to listen to and plug, Crucial and Joy:
Now playing: Jah Roots - Crucial
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Now playing: Jah Roots - Joy
via FoxyTunes

I like this band. Infectious ska riffs. Would have stuck around to hear them play, but it was time for a Gyros and Greek Salad at El Greco, where Al and I discussed the difference between listening and hearing. Jah Roots hails from Springfield, MO. .. I'll add their MySpace page to MyFriends. ... Nate Graham doesn't have any web presence (although there's another Nate Graham from back east).

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Parentheticus said...

More thorough listening revealed another gem on Jah Roots "Joy" CD -- a song called "The Truth", which can heard on YouTube, which can be found in my 9/11 blog, along with the lyrics.