Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toy story

Add another local blog to the list, Bloggee, 'cause Sue and Sam Cox at My Favorite Toys have started blogging about the(ir) toy business in the University Mall and online. Their goal is to sell more toys, so if every reader of their blog would buy a toy or two, then they will be sold on blogging as a marketing medium.

Here's a headline I'd like to see for a blog about tops: "Our Top Story" -- Getting to the bottom of tops, giving a classic toy a new spin.

I was checking out yoyos at the the mall store (located near Macy's & Garfield's) the other day, and later tried to buy one online. (Some rapper should create a pro-yoyo video. "Yo yo ... wrap your hand around a Duncan.") But I couldn't find "yoyo" or "yo yo" on website. The toy business must have its ups and downs, like everything else.


Sam and Suzanne at My Favorite Toys said...

Thanks for the nice plug.....and, nope, yoyos haven't walked their dog to the web store yet...but they will soon......

Parentheticus said...

I see yoyos have been added to My Favorite Toys online store. Woohoo. A non-digital digital toy for me to play with.