Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arthurian legend

I got a call from Arthur Agency CEO Jon Greenstreet yesterday, protesting my claim (or rather 'gathering') that his advertising firm had anything to do with Sheila Simon's campaign site. He says his agency has a strict "no political ads" policy. I told him that (I thought I saw) the AA link was at the bottom of the Sheila new website (with new photos) a few weeks ago, but the name is gone now, and I can't confirm that it was ever there.

I did learn from Sheila's campaign manager that the person who does Sheila's website prefers anonymity, but I have been assured that the Arthurs had nothing to do with it. So there ya go. As the hoopsters say when committing an inadvertent foul, "My bad."

I apologize for any confusion this has caused anyone. I have known the Arthur guys since they first came to town about three year ago, and have watched their growth with wonder and admiration ever since. (No advertising agency has ever made it in this town for very long). But with Dennis Poshard (SIU President's son) buying-in to the business, and the hiring of Jon G., the Arthurs have landed quite a few local high-end accounts, such as the new Southern Illinois Miners baseball team.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for admitting your mistake. Too bad your other local bloggers don't follow suit.

Anonymous said...

So who is 'Arthur'?

PeterG said...

Yeah Dave, try to get it right the first time like other local bloggers. :)

Wonder why the person who did Sheila's website wants to remain behind the curtain?

Anonymous said...

You can check previous versions of websites at:

Parentheticus said...

Being someone who is loathe to turn away kudos....I admit that I may have made a mistake. Anything is possible.

A check of previous versions of came up with nothing. No previous version of the site is available.

Two questions still remain, however. Who or what is "Arthur"? And why is Sheila's webmaster a secret? Since I have been upfront about the fact that I created Cole's web site, shouldn't Sheila's counterpart also reveal himself? Why not? Is he doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

I know the webmaster personally and there is no big secret here. Just not everyone wants their political predilections advertised, especially when they are in business.