Monday, March 12, 2007

'Shout outs' and prayers for friends

Say 'hi' to Scott, everyone, a recent transplant to Southern Illinois, who has been trying unsuccessfully to reach out to folks around here. He came to my attention through comments to this blog, which spilled over to his own blog post about 'bias'. Another local blogger. Cool. He's a good writer and thinker.

And speaking of good writers and thinkers, some not-so-cool news about Jim Jung, the man behind the Waterman & Hill Travelers Companion (a Southern Illinois Almanac). Jim is not only a good friend, he also knows more about local flora and fauna than anyone in the world. But since the new year, he's gotten very sick, very fast. So if you know Jim in person (or though his Almanac or Carbondale Times column), and if you're the card-sending, or prayer-saying type, you know what to do.


Joe said...

Are you still alive and posting? I bookmarked this page but it never updates. Maybe I'm missing something?

Parentheticus said...

Hi Joe,
Go to the bottom of the page and click "home" .... Or just go to\
that should work.