Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Colbert endorses Cole?

At the conclusion of last night's "Colbert Report" fake newsman Stephen Colbert extended a photo opportunity to viewers -- a chance to be in a photo with Colbert (Cole-BEAR) as he posed and smiled as you see here.

Since Stephen is a card-carrying right-winger (in the mold of Bill O'Reilly), I thought it might be a good photo-op for Carbondale's "Right Choice" Brad Cole.

Stephen told viewers to send in their creations. This one was done in a hurry late at night without a mouse, but if I have some spare time later today, I'll do a better one. How about it Simonites? Both candidates could have a bit of fun if some friend of Sheila's would photoshop her into the photo, too. (Let me know if you're interested, and I will send you the image without Cole in it, so you can put Sheila there.) We could send them both to Colbert. It might get on the show, which would be very cool, imo.

Let's see who Colbert endorses. (My guess is that he probably will dance around it... Giving all of Carbondale "the Colbert bump"..... He knows where the town is: Colbert once referred to the "Paducah - Carbondale Corridor" while in a conversation with Randy Newman).


Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila supporters. I walked for Sheila before the primary and get her email updates. I just received one about walking on Saturday and was actually a disappointed by it. I thought both candidates had been running their campaigns with integrity and honesty until now. Toward the beginning of the email it basically said Mayor Cole was being deceitful and lying in his campaign through the internet. Now I have seen the information they are referring to and I can't say there is any evidence to back this up, in fact to the credit of the Mr. Cole they found a evidence to support the claims of the facebook website. I think the Simon campaign is using a lie to try and motivate their volunteers. I am highly disappointed.... Although I will likely still support Simon with my vote (baring anymore lies out of her camp) I am certainly done volunteering. Fighting perceived lies with actual lies does not fix anything nor does it motivate volunteers like me. I hope for the sake of her supporters like me... this stops or I as well as others will have lost the reasons I previously had to support her.

Parentheticus said...

Look. I don't know about Anonymous's charges above. This thread is about Stephen Colbert and the race for mayor.

See, here's the deal on the Colbert business.... He won't use either Cole's or Simon's photos if they look as bad as the one I hurriedly published here. Needs more photoshopping.

But how about Sheila lovers? Aren't any of you skilled with computer images? Do you need to have a committee meeting to discuss what image of her to use? If you don't hurry and do it yourselves, I may do it for you.

But first I gotta change the photo of Brad, which was lifted from a rather formal group shot in India and Brad looks like a deer in headlights.

I think he and Colbert would hit it off. Sheila too. They all have good senses of humor.

Of course, if you don't know who Stephen Colbert is, or why he is important for Carbondale, then you're probably a Democrat, influenced by Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) against Colbert

Parentheticus said...
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