Friday, April 20, 2007

Bone or stoned?

It isn't always sunny in Portland, but it is today. And I have plans to meet an old friend at Powell's Books, "the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world." But first I want to make a final comment on the recent Mayoral race: I called it.

Moving on.

I've changed my mind about Colbert supporting Simon in the election. His saying that Simon would be "nicer" is hardly an endorsement. The image of Cole with Colbert prevailed over the out-of-context message on the screen.

Now, with Cole Mayor for another four years, I can keep trying to get Carbondale mentioned favorably on the Colbert show with the new "Waiting for Colbert" blog. Any C'dale and Colbert fans are welcome to contribute. It's mainly about Colbert (he loves the attention).

Stephen has recently been named the greatest living American, so it won't be easy to get him to throw us wee folk in Salukiville a bone. It may require naming a bridge after him, or changing the name of Carbondale to "Colbert" -- but he may settle for having Sheila Simon's birthday declared "Stephen Colbert Day" since Brad posed with him while Sheila op-posed.

Alternatively, if Stephen stiffs us, he could be stoned in effigy, like his namesake, the proto-martyr.

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