Thursday, April 19, 2007

A little Sack time

Well, I made it to Portland in one piece, and had a great night's sleep on my daughter's couch last night, so I can couch my words better this morning. No sofastry from me today -- unlike that megalomaniacal Peter the Grate, who continues to whip up a souffle from the broken eggs of the past election, and then orders huevos rancheros in a Back Room meeting.

I'm miffed at Peter 'cause he virtually stole my girl -- the best darn Carbondale-beat reporter the Southern Illinoisan has had since, uh, Linda Rush -- in a photo-op at Brad Cole's victory party. Now compare Peter's photo with mine, snapped (but not published) at her Going Away party last summer. Where does she look happier? I especially like the kid in the back give "The Heiress" donkey ears. ;-)

I always appreciated Nicole Sack's "walk the talk" approach as a reporter -- like the time at Bike 2 Work Day two years ago, when she road her bike to Murphysboro in order to ride along with an SIU employee back to Carbondale for her story in The Southern -- about 14 miles before breakfast!

Now she's out in Southern California, working for another newspaper in the Lee chain. As photogenic and prose-agenic as she is, she should become a television reporter. More pay. More fun?

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Fraydog said...

Yeah, it was too bad she worked for the Illusion.