Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting for Colbert, the blog

Watching tonight's Colbert Report on DVR again in search of an endorsement (back-hand, back-slapping, or half-baked) for his virtual friend Brad Cole. He seems to be sticking to his earlier lukewarm endorsement of Simon, joining Bob Pauls who chooses Simon for environmental reasons; while the DE reversed its previous choice of Sheila to endorse Cole this time -- but for the wrong reasons. I've seen the TV ads and listened to (and recorded) yesterday morning's separate radio interviews of Brad Cole and Sheila Simon by Tom "Cap" Miller (who never got around to asking what Brad meant in his ads about Sheila "playing with" the property tax). I recorded each 9 minute interview but haven't had time to re-listen or excerpt shorter clips.

Looking forward to life after the election; no matter who wins, it will be a breath of fresh air, with warmer weather and Bike 2 Work Day rolling around in May (date, tba) -- and other fun things -- such as another new blog inspired by this one. ;-)

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