Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Between Hugh, me and Channel 3

I've decided to not attend the meeting tonight, but to delegate Hugh Williams to speak for me. I've known him since we ran for City Council in 2005. An old school attorney who can frequently be found at Longbranch. I am making this decision for personal reasons.
  1. The Council has probably already made up its collective mind. And there will be a lot of "haters" in attendance, whose arguments I've already heard.
  2. I emailed a 3 page PDF attachment with a brief history of Greyhound and a petition requesting that the Permit request be approved. But that ain't nothin'! The City has a 46 page PDF file, containing both a resolution to approve, and one to disapprove.
  3. I am indifferent to the outcome. Although from a standpoint of customer service, it's the right thing to do, ticket sales will continue at the current location no matter where the bus ultimately makes its stop.
  4. I can watch it on TV, on Cable 16 via MediaCom.
And speaking of TV, Channel 3's Jackie McPherson wants to do a preview interview at the ticket office later today, for the 6 o'clock news.


Unknown said...

Though you're content no matter the outcome, Dave, I do hope this works out favorably and you get the cooperation you need. I too will be watching.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll think twice before bad mouthing folks on your blog in the future. You chose sides in the election and its biting you in the ass now. Too bad.

Parentheticus said...

ah, anonymous.... is it true that ignorance is bliss?

Unknown said...

Doesn't the election process, de facto, necessitate choosing a side? I think what 'anonymous' really means is that he/she doesn't like the side you chose, Dave.

Too bad for 'anonymous.'

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the election process, de facto, necessitate choosing a side?

Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen written. Unless you don't care or don't vote -- which Dave obiviously did -- then, yeah, you gotta choose. Duh.

Is it that I don't like his choice? No, I don't. I was merely pointing out the consequences.

PeterG said...

I thought the side Dave choose, won the election? If he is going to be screwed by "the system", that would be if those other people had won. Are we in the twilight zone? Joel shaved his facial hair, Chris said something that wasn't well thought out, Liz got elected and Sheila is mayor? Good thing that nightmare didn't happen.

I was digging deep in my heart to write up something to support your cause, but I could do it. The best solution is to get a booth in the Amtrak station. Your neighborhood is a few years away from feeling safe at night.

It is interesting how you have approached the city with a problem that Carbondale hasn't seen in many years, they city is so successful in the downtown, there is no place to put your Grayhound location anymore. Dealing with success in Carbondale is a good problem to have, if a little painful for you today.

Keep pushing, things are getting better and you are helping.