Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cole's goals

Is it boring, with the students gone for break? You wouldn't know it from Brad Cole. The other day I spoke to him about my upcoming request for a special use permit for the Greyhound bus to stop at Washington St., and other matters of interest to us both. He listed as his chief goals for his next term, the following.
  • an innovative improvement for the budget process.
  • safety center at the former site of Lincoln Jr. High
  • retirement neighborhood/community
  • varsity theater development
  • intermodal transportation center
The intermodal center touches a nerve close to home with ol' Graydog. But it's not gonna happen anytime soon. It took the City of Champaign 10 years to build its intermodal center. And Cole and the City Council think the new Police headquarters is more important, so it may take a few years to get the ball rolling on bus-train-cab headquarters.

Carbondale's most eligible bachelor (excluding Darby McGrann) didn't mention Barbara Ebert, "the future Mrs. Brad Cole," which struck me as a bit odd, since he is on record that his resolution for 2007 was to get married by the end of the year -- and here it is June, already, and he hasn't had a date yet! True, he had a short-lived affair with a married woman, but it ended rather abruptly on April 17.

The future Mrs. Cole's winning video essay is posted on YouTube. She's supposed to be in town this month, and Curt at Two Doves and Kara at Blue Star are looking forward to giving the future lovebirds first class treatment.

And speaking of dates, Les Winkeler compares the baseball Miners team and Fans to dating teenagers: "you just don't know how it's going to turn out."

And if it doesn't work out between Barb and Brad, "Handsome" Lance Jack, City Councilman and bon vivant, is still standing in the wings.


Anonymous said...


This is quite a funny post. If you need any photoshop work for a combination pic of the two candidates, I can be of help. So long as they're up for the joke of course!

Nice work!

Parentheticus said...

Thanks, sandra! The funny thing about this joke is, it's not really a joke! LOL

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first "reality show blog." ;-)

Re: photoshopping around.... Have fun! The boys won't mind. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! The joys of photoshop! Well, as long as I don't make enemies of the two fine young politicians. No doubt I'll run into them in town at some point. I don't need either of them looking at me funny :)

"Lancified Brad 1" Brad 1.jpg

"Bradifed Lance" Lance.jpg

"Lancified Brad 2" Brad 2.jpg

Parentheticus said...
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Anonymous said...

About Brad's goals:

- It will be interesting to see how the budget "process" can be improved. In this case it seems that "content" is more important than process, that is, the best improvements would be spending reductions.

- How long can we hope for federal money, before we need to upgrade the police facilities ourselves?

- As for the final three, they sound like private ventures. What can the city do? Shouldn't a retirement complex or entertainment complex rise and fall on their own merits? Should the city taxpayers pay for Greyhound and Amtrak facilities?

(It will be interesting to see Peter's response, as he tends to support the taxpayer propping up private enterprise.)