Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thorne on our side

Looks like Scott Thorne of Bytelife is stepping up to fill the shoes of Peter the Great (who by now is safely at is new home in Oregon, perhaps reading this post). Fill the shoes? Well maybe Scott and I can each fill one shoe. Scott can write informative factual posts about the local political economy like the one about Sheila Simon being not so dumb after all, and I can focus on throwing people under (or on) the bus.

I saw Peter on Monday, and presented him with a going away present -- the DVD I did for Art Lovers, about sand painting with Victor DeGraff. We chatted over chocolate in the Back Room of The Branch: he downed a (scrumptious) brownie, as I sipped a chocolate egg cream. (Shoulda got two straws so I could snap a photo of us sipping from the glass at the same time! lol).

I got the feeling Peter was ambivalent about the move, but with his positive attitude (expressed in his final post to Gregorian Rants) and hard work ethic (not to mention, bankroll), his success is guaranteed.

I think the same thing might be said about Scott Thorne, who has a great track record of his own, as a professor of Marketing at SEMO, as owner of Castle Perilous, and now, as a blogger with an eye on the City's business(es).

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