Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bus gets hit by Onion . . . Will Onion get hit by lawsuit?

This morning, my friend "Dave 47" gave me a copy of the latest issue of the Onion "America's Finest News Source," which has a front page headline: "30 Miserable Lives Lost in Greyhound Bus Crash," with photos of some of the "degenerate sacks of shit" who were "never so lucky" as to perish in the crash.
According to Greyhound officials, the fatal crash occurred less than an hour after passengers gathered their pathetic belongings and dragged what little hope they had left onto the despair-soaked bus. Emergency crews called to the scene described the remains of the victims as "slightly more lifeless than they were before the accident."
That's some cold humor, Bloggy -- published online, too! The print edition even uses the Greyhound logo. Will the busdogs in Dallas sick (sic) their pit bulls on the ONION for including the corporate logo with its sick humor?

I might paste the article to the ticket counter at Graydog's, along with a petition demanding an apology from the humor magazine.
We, the undersigned, driven by circumstance to ride the Greyhound bus, do hereby demand the Onion apologize for calling us "degenerate sacks of shit" while using the corporate logo.
I love my Greyhound customers, even those who don't get the Onion.

Oh, the huge manatees.

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