Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cynthia signs up with Greens

Ain't she a Peach? Georgia's Cynthia McKinney, a former six-term Representative in U.S. Congress, is campaigning to be nominated as the Green Party candidate for President. McKinney spoke to an audience of fish fry luncheon-goers at Hopewell Baptist Church on Saturday following a speech at SIUC Student Center, and a stint in the peace line on the sidewalk in front of the Town Square Pavilion.

McKinney's political career has been controversial due to her fiery speeches (such as this speech posted on YouTube) about racism, war profiteering, and 9/11 Truth. In fact, her talk to local Greens was not about environmental issues, but about the "lashes" she has received from corporate media -- such as this 2005 hit piece in the Weekly Standard.

Nevertheless, Rich Whitney (pictured next to Cynthia), the Party candidate for Governor in 2006, believes that Cynthia is Green at heart, so he persuaded her to get on the ballot in Illinois. And raised over $5000 for gas money for her drive to Chicago to continue campaigning.

A fashion tip for McKinney: wear something green to future Green Party events.

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