Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Don't Tase..." Top Phrase

The Top Quotes of 2007 have been named by the Yale Book of Quotations, and the winner is: "Don't Tase Me, Bro."

Remember? The original utterer, Andrew Meyer, now maintains the "Don't Tase Me Blog." An outspoken critic of political hypocrisy and cowardice. But Meyer crossed the line of acceptable Q&A at the University of Florida when he asked asked aggressive questions of former Senator John Kerry about his membership in Skull and Bones, the secret male society he belongs to. That's when the taser toters removed him from the podium. Andrew protested their actions. If he'd gone peacefully, this post would be about the runner-up, the garbled reasoning of an unfazed candidate for Miss Teen USA (view it on YouTube). She is the one who should have been tased! Lucky for the language, Meyer spoke up.

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Anonymous said...

The Miss USA video is very funny or sad, depending... Is she a SIU student? :)