Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cole for Rudy

I see where Rudy Giuliani got one delegate. It could have been our own Mayor Brad Cole, who was listed on the Republican ballot as a delegate of Rudy. Must be a Mayor to Mayor thing. Brad probably would have supported John Lindsay back in the day. A Mayor has ever been elected President, though a few have run.

I consider Cole 'a friend of the show', so I overlook his card-carrying Republican politics (as he forgives my free-thinking ways). If he can engineer the revival of the Varsity Theater, he can drag me to a Giuliani rally, for all I care. Since Rudy has thrown his support to John McCain, he's positioning himself to be Vice-Presidential nominee. Wanna bet?

And if the 72 yr old McCain kicks the bucket, it's Ghoulie time, baby.

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