Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stop in the name of Colbert?

This morning, Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole was interviewed by Tom "Cap" Miller on the Morning News radio show on WJPF. Cole is thrilled with the great exposure on ESPN GameDay at the SIU Arena. "a great day for Carbondale," he said. . . . But would it be as great as a minute on the Colbert Report? I seriously doubt it (unless I'm joking).

Others have suggested other names, including "Carbonjail" and "Carbon'd Ale" (a beer inspired name), but neither have the media oomph that Colbert has.

In his interview with Cap, Mayor Cole also said the City is investigating renaming streets to honor local people -- and famous people like Martin Luther King, Jr. A few years ago Green Street was renamed "James and Thelma Walker Ave." Maybe instead of renaming the entire City "Colbertdale," Main St. could be renamed "Paducah-Carbondale Corridor Avenue." Or perhaps the local bus stop could be named in his honor.

Which reminds me, yesterday I put a "Donate" button on this page for the "Colbertdale (Non-)Action Fund," to make it easier for "No Dear God No, Make It Stop." ;-)


Anonymous said...

Now you are just taunting me, Dave.

Okay, $25. But no PayPal. I heard the Ron Paul supporters skim a half percent off the top of each transaction.

Anonymous said...

The Colbert thing has got to end. It's sapping my will to live.