Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hack attack

Surprised to find the Turkish flag flying on the Shawnee Net web site, with a message from Iskorpitx (TURKISH HACKER) , who has set some kind of record for hacking into web sites, according to Security Pro News.

And while Iskorpitx may be a super hacker, I am not impressed. Security at ShawneeNet has been lax, as the site is undergoing reconstruction.


Anonymous said...

You should be honored! Only big shots get hacked. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. Were you able to patch the hole that was used? Probably something in the blogging software, or in whatever dynamic app you have running. That type of application is a heavy target these days. If you need any assistance with that or if you are interested in any further analysis of the incident drop me a line at curtwilson618 _at_ gmail dot com