Saturday, June 14, 2008

All that Twitters is not gold

"A loyal fan" wants me to stop writing about Twitter. . . . a decision I had already made -- but not for the reason given by the fan (a few pennies from a Google ad-click). The fan has not been paying attention. I have repeatedly stated that I have little interest in analyzing C'dales woes and wonders -- except as they relate to my own activities.

For instance, picking up the Amtrak crew the past few days, I noticed that the traffic signals are no longer synchronized for smooth sailing (at 30 mph) all the way from Oakland St. to the Mall. I remember chatting with Jeff Doherty in his office 2-3 years ago, and him saying that he'd like to have people have to stop at the traffic signal at City Hall. He said he liked the idea of slowing things down, so people could look around. Not much to see, unfortunately. Very few people walk 'The Strip' of downtown Carbondale anymore. In fact, there is no "Strip."

Also this morning, I noticed the appearance of the Art Panels on the east side of the tracks at the Amtrak station.... Still unadorned with art, but the framework is in place. (I'll snap a photo and post it to Bytelife this afternoon.)

In conclusion, there's a lot of useless chatter on Twitter, but I can see its value for keeping in touch with friends and professional associates -- and for making new contacts and discoveries by following the links.


Castle Perilous Games said...

In most cities, they aren't synchronized in order to reduce the chance of an accident.

Anonymous said...

a case for twitter...

(and another 5 minute time killer)


Anonymous said...

It funny but I just noticed that there seems to be more people walking downtown. Perhaps you are not out at the same daylight hours that I am. Also, I think there is plenty downtown great restaurants, Kalaidoscope, bike shops, florists, clothing, books, professional office, groceries and entertainment venues inside and out and ice public spaces
What more could you ask for?
Yes, there is always more wants from people who need to have all of their wants catered to.

Parentheticus said...

Methinks I smell a Main Street shill in Sam W. Clyde. ;-)