Monday, June 09, 2008

Social Networking in the Parking Lot

Fresh from an afternoon of Twittering at home and office, I ran into a fellow "tweeter" in the parking lot outside of Family Video (that's me holding I'm Not There, the Dylan biopic where the main character is played by 5 different actors, including Cate Blanchett. . . . Get a load of those out-sized shades! My motorcycle goggles. But I digress).

KT is a computer specialist for the School of Journalism at SIU. He started back when I was on the faculty and using a Macintosh like everyone else in the Dept. I was faculty advisor for the original "S.A. Lukis" student advertising club that won a regional competition in Chicago. The prize was $25,000 in Mac equipment, which didn't buy as much computer as it does now. . . . But I digress. Again.

The subject of this post is Social Networking, the current buzz word on the 'net and in the news. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, The Aleluminati, the list is endless. I myself belong to several, most recently this Twitter deal....

So KT and I chatted about twitter and later we will twitter about chatting . . . by his car as his Little Caesar's pizza grew cooler on the car seat. We each snapped photos of the two of us together for our respective blogs. I challenged him to see who could get it posted first.... If I wasn't so wordy, I would have won, but KT beat me to it. And still I digress.

I think a really great place for Social Networking is inside Schnuck's. Just sit on the bench and see how many people stop to chat. That will make an interesting blog post.

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