Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That's right, a "bwook"

Over at Twitter, I hinted that I might not blog today. But how can I resist blogging about tweeting? 'Twould be like not talking about a big game or show you saw with friends.

Did you see the game last night, Bloggee? Or did you watch the City Council meeting on Cable Access? The agenda included an appreciation of retiring City Manager, Jeff Doherty. In a day or two the entire meeting will be available in audio.

I let loose a tweet or two last night, breadcrumbs along the community e-velopment trail . . . . (as this blog leaves more permanent markings of the journey). My plan is to convince local information purveyors (such as BE(E) at Main Street) to post their info to Shawnee Net or somewhere else that has an RSS feed, so folks like me can keep up with what's going on. I will do this, not by sending emails alone, but by personally visiting their offices and set up their free account. Twisting arms, if I must. If they refuse to get with the program -- the e-dification of The Dale -- then under the bus they go. And I'm just the guy who can do it.

Twitter has definitely made me more productive in the past 24 hours, although that may not be the case for everyone. Judging from the Twitter / Public Timeline most are like text messages to the world -- quite forgettable, but I may base a book on my tweets someday, the world's first bwook.

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