Thursday, July 24, 2008

C'dale Greyhound move completed

The Greyhound bus stop and ticket station are together again ... at last! After 3 years on Washington St., where it wasn't wanted, 'cause it would bring down the neighborhood. ... But BP-land at 905 E. Main St. is pro-Hound to-the-Max. ... Arif, the friendly Pakistani, is thrilled to have the bus passengers alight and buy some snax and drinks and cigarettes.

I had a lot of help getting the job done ... not much from my district manager, but Junior Bear and friends came through at crunch time. The same sign JB hung above the address at 215 N. Washington is now atop two posts driven deep into the grass in front of the station -- at the distance prescribed by city code. (Thanks to Steve for coming out to the site, and fast-tracking the permit process.)

I haven't checked to see if any of the newspapers mentioned it... Sent out copies of the flyer to the papers (in lieu of press release). Planning to have an Open House, ribbon-cutting, with some bus-minded friends and business associates when I get back from Portland in August.

Meanwhile, the drivers liked the map I sent to Nashville and St. Louis (from whence all buses to C'dale depart), and they are pleased to have a place where passengers can use the rest rooms and buy refreshments ... It really is a better location, even though it's costing me more time and money, as I knew it would (which is why I dragged my paws in making the leap.)

Been operating without internet, due to a lengthy verification process between Verizon and ShawneeLink. ... Alternative solutions (using the Blackberry as a tethered wireless modem) has failed so far to do the trick ... Looks like a dialup connection is the only viable option. NetZero has a 4.97 per month deal, which should get me through another week without DSL.

Now I've got to hire and train someone pronto, 'cause in two weeks I will be in Oregon -- holding my grandson in my arms for the first time. ... One of the desk clerks at the motel where the Amtrak crew crashes every night (so to speak) is interested. How about you, Bloggee? If you're available from 9:30-11am, or 3:30-5pm, you could get paid $10 per hr printing bus tickets and helping bustomers.

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