Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wine and Art Fair fares well

Like Bytelife's Scott and Becky for The Southern, I attended the Town Square Wine and Art Fair Friday night ... impressed with all the people in the crowd, some of whom I got to speak with, like new Carbondale City Manager, Allen Gill, who's not a tee-totaller, and event organizer Main Street director Megan Cole, pictured here, proud of the crowd behind her.

I managed to get off a few tweets with the Blackberry, including one about Councilman Lance Jack's off-the-record slip about his latest business venture. (Sorry, Bloggee, to read you'll have to go to my twitter page. ;-))

Gill agreed the City needs to improve its dissemination of public information, and smiled when I said I wasn't trying to create a job for myself, although "City Twitterer" has a nice ring.

I figured out a way to get the most from the $5 admittance, which got you a plastic glass with Fusion (local bar) sticker on it, and samples of wine from ten different local vintners. But the samples were so minute and variable that it took too long to get a nice wine buzz, so I purchased a full glass of Chancellor red, but for the next glass, I went to each purveyor and had them each add a 'wee dram' of their own brand of dry red wine into the glass. The resulting glass is pictured here, and it tasted fine. Will definitely do it again with a chardonnay at the Fall event.

That's right. Everyone's talking 'bout a Fall Wine and Art Fair... Personally, I'd like to have it every month! Wine not? Either way, I'm sure the organizers will find ways to improve the event. Let's hope the Ivas John Band is invited for a return engagement. Ivas just gets better and better. Blues you can use -- to dance to -- and I did.


Anonymous said...

So, is Lance's burger place "the Coal City" place, that is in the old Bistro 51 building? Seems likely, it is the only place downtown, that is built up enough for an under capitalized restaurant to go.

Parentheticus said...

My guess is it's the old laundromat, "Home Outfitters" out of business. Next door to Kaya ... down the block from Harbaughs.